Increase You Chances of Winning the Lottery

Everyone dreams of hitting the lottery, and most of us think of it as just a matter of luck – but some people are using new methods to open up their minds, to work with principles such as the law of attraction, and to increase their intuition to select winning numbers.

Is this really possible? Well you might think – but is it? Well you might think again – but is it? Can people really increase their chances of winning the lottery, or is it just wishful thinking?

More and more people are trying different ways to open their minds, to connect with the “universal consciousness” and to attract money to them. There are several ways people have been doing this, such as visualization, meditation, and affirmations, but one method which really seems to be gaining popularity is the use of subliminal messages.

Subliminal messages are available now with scripts designed to help you win the lottery.. It sounds a little strange, but they work by the principles mentioned above – to open your mind, increase your intuition, and work in accordance with law of attraction principles to attract a lottery win into your life

Subliminal messaging can be used for a variety of different purposes, from everything from losing weight, to improving your confidence, and increasingly these new types of albums have been appearing – especially since the growth of “The Secret” the movie, and interest in the law of attraction. They work in a simple way, primarily to align your subconscious mind to your desires, and enhance your beliefs to attract these desires into reality.

Often when trying to increase your intuition or expand your awareness you pursue this with good conscious intentions, however there are limiting thoughts holding you back – limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind which don’t believe it is possible. These hold you back and stop you from being fully successful – this can be intensified with something like trying to align your mind to win the lottery, or manifest money into your life – this works particularly well to decrease your mind resistance and open your mind up for good results.

However subliminal messages can be even more effective if used correctly, they can give you the mind freedom to expand your awareness, join in a flow of energy, and align your mind for a more intuitive and creative process – attracting not only your desired outcome, but also the necessary resources to get there. They work best when used alone, or as part of a session or package, however they are potent if used correctly and consistently.

So how do we use them?

We use them initially to align our mindset for the next phase of your life – the way you will feel and act in every aspect of your new reality, based on your choosing to focus your attention on a few different focal points. You can spend a while performing intense channelling or focusing and focusing back on your desired outcome, until you enter into your reality with a new focus and feeling of strong focus. Then you can refresh your mind and relax with guided meditation, or use as a warm up to the relaxation exercise mentioned in the title.

The law of attraction teaches that all you have to do for a favourable outcome is to place your attention on a point or areas that you want to affect with money, people, circumstances or outcome near to your focus. You could either focus on your desired outcome within the next 30 minutes, or choose an outcome within the next 12 months – the choice is entirely up to you. With the law of attraction you are attracting whatever you are receptive to, and your thoughts are attracting whatever thoughts you are into. Each time you give attention to a point or area of your life, you are giving yourself a sunlit opportunity to change your life completely for the better.

The way to use the law of attraction though in the lottery is very different to how it works in other areas of life. You have to be more passive, relaxed and open in other areas of your life and prepare your subconscious mind for the attraction. You can do this by colouring your thoughts, by a technique called remote viewing or remote influencing. You focus your mind on a particular place or a number and talk to it, you make mental images of what will happen. You focus on the positive side of things and ignore the reality of what is currently happening to you.

But the key to the law of attraction approach is to not be passive, to the law of attraction you have to be a strong force for good, you have to be a magnet for good, and attract the good things in your life. You have to be confident that you are going to win, and unless you have some very strong confidence you might not be able to attract the wins. pockets the law of attraction, apply them, and you will be amazed how quickly they start to pay off, but meanwhile you have to be patient and learning.